Lesson Locations:

Home studio address: 8937 – 79 Ave.

Student families are requested to book a lesson time that will work for both in person and on line lesson formats. Please take into account travel time, etc. We are prepared to pivot between in person and online lessons on short notice as required. We may also alternate between in person and online to facilitate ventilation time between lessons and other scheduling issues. Please maintain your device and software following our recommendations so that you can have an excellent lesson experience in either format. 

Distance students with continue to have lessons on line as usual. 

COVID protocol for in person home studio lessons: 

We expect that all students and parents will be up to date with all immunizations. Students who are not vaccinated, immunocompromised, or have other concerns about infectious disease are welcome to continue lessons online exclusively. 

There is no longer a waiting area inside. Please wait outside and do not enter until it is time for your lesson.

Flute & Recorder students enter through back door and come downstairs.

Violin & Viola students enter through front door. 

All students and accompanying parents will remain masked at all times while in our home studio. (We have masks available if you forget.)

The only exception is the flute and recorder students – they may remove their masks to play the instrument, and put them back on for conversation. 

If you have any cold or flu symptoms (cough, runny rose, sneezing, congestion, fever, nausea, muscle aches, etc), or if you have been in close contact with anyone who has these symptoms,  please stay home. We will have your lesson on line.

Studio safety precautions include: 

  • open windows* with fans and multiple HEPA air filters
  • alcohol wipe before handling any instruments other than your own
  • instructors with ALL available vaccinations
  • physical distancing 
  • alternating in person and on line lessons to provide maximum air exchange in the room between student appointments

*There may be changes as we are able to access our new studio space in the backyard garage.

Extra lesson days,  asynchronous lesson days, and open studios: 

Some days on the calendar are set aside for extra lesson days. These are days when the regular weekly teaching schedule does not apply, and any student can sign up at any time for a lesson. These days are intended to provide rescheduling opportunities for scheduling conflicts or extra lessons in the event that a lesson is missed for reasons that qualify according to the applicable attendance policy. Student families are responsible for booking lessons on extra lesson days if they need or want extra lessons. 

Alternatively, we may also add asynchronous lessons. These are lessons that do not rely on student and teacher being in the same place at the same time. Some examples of asynchronous lesson activities: play along with practice videos, work with accompaniment tracks, prepare audio or video recording for submission, guided research, etc.

We also have open studios. This is where any student can drop in for help with anything. If a question comes up during your practice, you can come and ask it here between lessons. If we ran out of time in your regular lesson, you can bring more things to us here. If you are taking a self-paced on-line course though our studio and you need a face to face session, you can do it here. This can also be a time where students can get together for ensemble projects. Open studios are a hybrid environment, combining in person and online sessions based on the needs of the participants. 

More or fewer lessons:

The extra lesson days, asynchronous lesson opportunities, and open studios all provide flexibility of scheduling if you have to be away. Take advantage of all these learning opportunities that are included in your studio subscription. We do not give refunds or make up for outstanding lessons at the end of the year. The studio year runs from August 1 to July 31.

We’re in this together for the long term: 

Our interest in your development as a musician, and your relationship with us as your music teachers, will last for many years. Some years you may receive more instructional time, other years less. Over the long term, it will all work out. We prefer this long term view, providing extra lessons on call, to tallying up instructional minutes. And don’t forget that the practice time you invest in at home will increase the productivity of your instructional time more than any number of extra lessons.