Our new HYBRID studio environment combines the best of in-person and on-line!

  • One-on-one lessons can be on-line or in-person, pivoting as needed for illness, travel, or weather, or remaining on-line if you are far away.
  • Scheduled in-person time can alternate between one-on-one OR group. 
  • Lessons are recorded – replays are available to facilitate home review of lesson material.
  • Open studios available for drop-in help between lessons.
  • Topic specific workshops and seminars.
  • Extra lessons by appointment.
  • Online resources: practice aids, play along videos, backing tracks, study scores, background information, etc. are available to enrich home practice.
  • Frequent “Play Days” for informal concert presentations of both students and teachers during term
  • Community concert events. 
  • Local in person events are live-streamed so distance students may participate by playing along.
  • Live concerts are recorded, and online students may submit prepared recordings to be part of the replay.
  • Adult and graduating students can receive pedagogy training and mentorship to become teachers
  • For details, check our blog here.

Noted music pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki stated that we learn from our environment. Let’s make our environment as varied and enriched as possible using the amazing resources we have available to us now in the 21st century! 

Why are we excited about this HYBRID environment?

  • On-line lessons increase accessibility to music instruction from almost any location.
  • Pivoting between in-person and on-line accommodates life events while keeping appointments.
  • Individual and group lesson alternation at the same time provides flexibility of scheduling.
  • Access to lesson recordings makes it easier to bring the practice assignment home and refer to it during practice.
  • Open studios offers access to the teacher in between lessons, for both students and parents.
  • Workshops and seminars bring us together to work on shared projects.
  • Extra lessons give extra time when you need it.
  • Offering learning material on demand on-line fosters development of independent learning at the student’s own pace. (And offers extra support for parents who help with their children’s practice!)
  • Frequent informal performance opportunities develop self-confidence.
  • In community concerts students experience performing in a variety of venues for different audiences (including on-line!).
  • Live-streamed and recorded concerts let you invite friends and relatives from out of town to hear you perform.
  • Including both on-line and in-person students in recorded and live-streamed events builds community and mutual student support beyond our local area.
  • Mentoring future teachers in hybrid studio environments can increase accessibility to music instruction.