River Crossing Soundscape Project: the sounds and music

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Leaves in the wind



Traffic (car, horse, ferry, canoe, train) crossing the river

Canoe Crossing the River

  • Thank you to Chris Chan, who sent us a video of him paddling a canoe across the river in the evening, which included sounds from the old Walterdale bridge before it was replaced.

Train Crossing the River

  • Thank you to Frank Hanlan, who sent us an email with a description of how the train used to go through the Rossdale area, and gave us leads to images in the Edmonton archives.

Cree Lullaby

  • Thank you to Wawashkashiish Iserhoff for posting this video of her singing this melody.

French Lullaby – Au Clair de la Lune

  • Thank you to Claudette Perron for sharing this traditional french song that her mother used to sing.

Scottish Lullaby – Can ye Sew Cushions

  • Thank you to Thomas Schoen, who connected the drumbeat rhythm to the Robert Burns songs that his mother used to sing, and to Christina Stewart, who sings them on the Kist o’Dreams website.

Jingle Dance, Chicken Dance, Round Dance and Straight Dance

  • A very big thank you to the members of Mountain Soul Singers: Craig Roan, Daniel Roan, Ira Roan, and Wayne Roan Jr., for giving us permission to use these songs in the project and working with us!
  • Thank you to Roberta at Oteenow for introducing us!

Whiskey for Breakfast and French Jig in C/Beauharnois Quadrille as played by Richard Callihoo and Gilbert Anderson’s Duck Dance, (transcribed by Trent Bruner) from the book and CD set Drops of Brandy published by the Gabriel Dumont Institute in 2002

Highland Whisky, The Red Haired Girl

  • These traditional Scots strathspeys are from the Skye Collection of Keith Norman Macdonald, published in 1887

Middle Eastern Melody

  • Thank you to Donna Dawson, who brought this tune to the workshop from her ethnomusicology studies.


  • Thank you to all the participants in the workshops leading up to the creation of this piece.

Jesus Loves Me / Song of the Ass