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  • Your ability
  • Your creative expression
  • Your innovation
  • Your inspiration
  • Your music

Hybrid Studio

  • We are passionate about accessibility! We both started taking a serious interest in music when we were young students living in small towns, where we did not have access to all the opportunities available in larger centres. We found ourselves having to catch up to our peers later, and correct errors that had developed when we had to figure things out for ourselves in the absence of specialist teachers.
  • Because of this experience, we have always taught remote students via online video communication platforms. And when the COVID pandemic happened, we already had the skills to move everyone on-line successfully.
  • Now that we are back to in-studio lessons, we want to maintain the flexibility and accessibility of on-line teaching and combine it with working with our local students in-studio to create a hybrid studio.
  • Our students can pivot between on-line and in-studio one on one lessons as needed.
  • Our group lessons and classes combine in-studio and on-line students in the same group.
  • And when scheduling becomes temporarily challenging due to holidays, travel or other life events, we can alternate between synchronous and asynchronous instruction to keep things going.


  • One-on-one, masterclasses, and small group lessons
  • On-line and in-studio
  • Learn the skills to play the instrument: flute, violin, recorder, or viola
  • Learn to play by ear
  • Learn to read music
  • Learn to improvise
  • Use these skills to develop your unique creative voice

Open studio

  • Scheduled time for drop-in instruction
  • Bring a specific thing to work on
  • Have guided practice
  • Catch up if you miss a lesson

Short term courses

  • Series of in person classes leading to performance
  • On-line self paced study on specific topics
  • Borealis Suzuki Institute summer workshop
  • Canadian Music Celebration
  • Bach in the Subways

Online Resources

  • Practice Resources 
  • Recordings: reference, accompaniment, play along with teacher
  • Scores library
  • Calendar – sign up for events 

Teacher Mentorship

  • Registered Suzuki Association of the Americas Teacher Training
  • Business coaching for music studios

Special Programs:

Practice Resource Collection: open to all, register for access here.