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Welcome! This used to be our parent resources page, but its not just for parents. Its for anyone who is supporting a young learner, and for older learners who want to examine the process and support themselves.

Shinichi Suzuki famously said “Man is the son of his environment”. He believed that every human being could develop the ability to play a musical instrument at a very high level, given the appropriate resources and a nurturing environment. Inherent “talent” had very little to do with it.

This idea is echoed in the book Mindsets by Carol Dweck. Her research demonstrates that a “growth” mindset (a belief that one can continually learn and improve with effort) can spark the development of a high level of ability and achievement, whereas a “fixed” mindset (a belief that one has a finite amount of talent) can be a hindrance to reaching ones full potential.

Here we have assembled an ever-growing collection of resources, in the hope that it will help all learners and their families create a nurturing environment and develop a growth mindset.

The following links are available to student families registered with the Schoen Duo Studio for lessons or online classes.

If you want to use these materials but do not have access, sign up here:

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