The Schoen Duo Studio, with assistance from the Edmonton Suzuki Flute & Recorder Society and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, is the host for this years Borealis Suzuki Institute.

Teacher Training:

All training courses are hybrid: both on-line for distance learners and in-studio for local participants, to be determined based on enrolment.

Click on the course you want to go to the registration and payment form:

Scholarships are available from the Suzuki Association of the Americas at this link:

Teaching Strategies for Recorder will be offered in the fall, to meet new training requirements that make this course compulsory before moving on to Suzuki Recorder Unit 3, effective January 2025.1 More information about cost and scheduling will be posted here when it is available. If you have any questions or concerns about this course please contact Kathleen Schoen at [email protected]

  1. This is not retroactive – if you have already taken Unit 3, you may continue with other training courses. However, the Teaching Strategies course is highly recommended, and in some regions it is already added to every Unit training level. ↩︎