Parent Orientation

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We have always offered the Every Child Can!  (ECC!) class as part of the new parent orientation for beginners.

This is included in Schoen Duo Studio lessons at no extra cost.

This course is an excellent orientation to the Suzuki philosophy of learning, and very useful for families entering the program with a beginner student. 

Classes are online via Zoom. 

Register here to reserve your place in the class:

NO payment is required, but you still need to register as there are a limited number of places.

If you want to receive a registerable credit for the course from the Suzuki Association of the Americas (the course is a required pre-requisite to all other teacher training courses) 100% attendance is required.

If you have no intention of doing any further training, but are taking the class to support your own role as a parent of a young student, the classes will be recorded and replays will be available to those who register for the class. So even if you took the class before, it it possible to do it again or review the replays as a refresher if you cannot attend all the sessions. 

The class is a prerequisite to another different course: “Introduction to Suzuki Instrument”.

This is where we apply the philosophy, which is presented in the ECC! Class in a general way, to the specific instrument: flute, recorder, violin, and viola. This is the background to the STEP class for the parents – why we do what we do, what it feels like from the student point of view, and when do we wait or when do we move forward?

The “Introduction to Recorder” portion can be taken by teachers for SAA credit. Contact Kathleen Schoen at [email protected] for details.

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