Open Studios

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One of our new experiments in creating a hybrid studio space is scheduling Open Studios.

Open Studios are a space where everyone can come together and learn from each other.

The activities in Open Studios are based on your needs and requests. They can include discussions, short mini-lessons, group projects, guest artists ….. this will evolve as we use the space.

During Open Studio times, you can sign up or drop in to:

  • ask a question
  • get help with a specific point
  • play something to find out if its ready for performance
  • get help with practice
  • follow up on a lesson idea
  • check in after missed lessons 

Parents can drop in on Open Studios to discuss ways of helping the students that they are supporting at home.

Sign up for Open Studio times is already posted on the Schoen Duo My Music Staff website calendar.

We are trying to alternate weekday evening and Saturday morning times, for both local and remote student accessibility from different time zones.

You can sign up for a time by logging in to the calendar here:

If you are not sure how to sign up for a time on the calendar, here is a video tutorial:—Calendar

The sessions will be on-line for now as we are waiting for our new in-person space to be completed. The plan is these will eventually be hybrid sessions, with both in-person and on-line participants in the same session.

Even if there is no one signed up for an Open Studio, we will open the call to allow for last minute drop-ins, and close it after 15 m if no one shows up. If there are more people dropping in than we can help in one session, we will extend the session if possible, but those who sign up in advance will have priority. 

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