Lessons at the Schoen Duo Studio

In our hybrid studio, we offer a “menu” of individual and group formats for learning flute, violin, recorder, or viola. There is also an early childhood education class for very young beginners who have yet to choose their instrument.

Students progress at their own pace.

Opportunities are presented at every level. Everyone, even the beginners, can participate in concerts, group lessons and ensembles in a way that is appropriate, engaging, and empowering. We nurture our student community and have our in-studio and on-line students engage with each other.

We play by ear, read music, and improvise, both individually and in groups.

Our on-line resources allow students to practice their group playing skills on their own in between group sessions.

Our lessons are whole-body experiences:

  • You use your body: listen, feel and move
  • You use your mind: think, analyze, and anticipate
  • You use your emotions: self-expression is our goal at all levels

If you want to prepare for festivals and examinations, we will help you. We will let you know when you are at a stage where these experiences can enrich your learning. Our students who do participate do very well at these events, but they are entirely optional. Working for grades or placing yourself in competitive situations is not for everyone, and we offer many other ways to mark your progress.

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