Through the Pied Piper workshop the Schoen Duo involve a school recorder club or similar group of student recorder players in a public performance.

The workshop is about 2.5 hours and can be offered on the day of the performance.

The workshop introduces students to the music and art of Europe of the 13th-15th centuries through music, dress and story.


  • listen to the Schoen Duo play music of the time on instruments of the period
  • learn several tunes from this time period
  • look at period dress to choose costume elements for the performance
  • experience the Pied Piper story in a historical context
  • develop a masque style performance of the Pied Piper story along with the Schoen Duo

Workshop schedule:

  • 1 hour Schoen Duo performance and intensive rehearsal with students
  • 30 minute arts and crafts breakout
  • 1 hour dress rehearsal for the performance

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