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I recently took a couple of online courses where the class used a facebook group as a platform for submitting assignments.

As much as I love to dislike social media, you have to admit that the platform is one of the simplest and most familiar ways to share text, recordings, and images. 

So I thought it would be worth trying it out for our own studio. If you have a project that involves sending your teacher a picture or a recording, let’s see if you can upload it to this group. This is a PRIVATE group – no one will be able to see what we put here other than the student families we have invited to join us in this space. 

Invitations are sent privately to individuals. To receive an invitation, email a request to:

[email protected]

This should make it easier to submit recordings – you can do them live, directly to the group, record them ahead of time and then upload them, or post them on another site and post a link. No more worrying about the file being too big to email, and having to use a mix of Dropbox, iCloud, Google, etc. It will make it much easier for your teachers too, to have all the submissions in one place. 

Added bonus – we get to see what our friends are doing – its like a big asynchronous group class! Commenting on each other’s efforts is encouraged, but please be encouraging. Positive and constructive remarks about growth and process are best (e.g. “I noticed that you held your instrument up more steadily / played with a more resonant tone / used more dynamic contrast than the last time I heard you play”). 

I hope you have fun sharing and enjoying each other’s work. We will post some tutorials to get things started, and share some of our own work with you as well. Participation in this space is optional, its just another offering on our studio “menu” for those of you who are comfortable using the Facebook platform. 

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