This investment is not an hourly lesson fee.

It is a subscription to the full resources of the Schoen Duo Studio.


Open Studios

Short Term Courses

On-line resources

Performance opportunities

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Payment ScheduleLevel 1Level 2Level 3
(2 instalments Aug & Jan)
(11 instalments Aug – June)
*Installment payments reflect additional transaction and admin charges.

These levels were originally based on weekly lessons for approximately 34 weeks depending on the calendar (holidays, etc.). Payments now include many more learning opportunities in a variety of formats throughout the year. These payment levels also reflect our sliding scale, or “pay what you can” equity pricing. See explanation below.

Level 1

This level was originally based on 30m lessons.

Students at this level are usually beginners through intermediate levels. Most of the work at this level is playing by ear, introductory music reading exercises, and organizing your instrument, in both one-on-one and group lessons. 

Level 2

This level was originally based on 45m lessons.

Students at this level are usually intermediate through advanced levels. The work at this level continues with the ear development, but also includes sight reading, supplementary repertoire both by ear and by score reading, chamber music projects, and RCM exam preparation if desired. 

Level 3

This level was originally based on 60m lessons.

Students at this level are usually playing at advanced levels, either in high school or university, and are often playing in community ensembles outside of the studio program.  They may also be online students who sign in from other parts of the world and are not readily able to access the extra local group and concert opportunities provided by the studio. In this case, they are receiving a higher ratio of one-on-one time with their teacher, and less work in group environments. 

These three levels also represent a sliding scale, or “pay what you can” approach to tuition fees*.  

We will often have a student at Level 1 who needs the time and resources of Level 2  to continue working at their level of development. We will continue to work with this student at the higher level even if they are unable to pay the higher fee. In this way we are constantly offering scholarships within the studio. 

In return, if your family can afford to pay the Level 2 or 3 rate for your student who may still only need Level 1 or 2 resources, you are helping to subsidize a student who needs to work at the higher level and may not be able to afford to pay the full fee. 

There are also local organizations, such as the Edmonton Suzuki Flute and Recorder Society, who provide scholarship support to member families in addition to our own studio scholarships. We can apply for this funding on your behalf if it is required. Email us if you want to apply for a scholarship: [email protected]

Select your payment level based on the resources you need and your ability to pay it forward (or not). Please remember that there are a limited number of places for Level 1 studio participants. If you take a Level 1 place when you can afford the higher rate, you may be taking an opportunity away from someone who cannot participate without the discounted price.

*Our sliding scale is inspired in part by the Worts and Cunning model – read more about their description of ethical pricing here: