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Kathleen goes back to Peru in January

Kathleen goes back to Peru in January
The boys from Huancalevica

Recorder Book 1 Class, Lima, Peru, January 2014

I have been invited back to Lima, Peru,  for the 30th annual International Suzuki Music Festival. Looking forward to seeing all the students and teachers again! I am very happy that they asked me back – now that I have seen what they do at the festival when I was there last year I have a much better idea of how I can help.



Recorder Book 3 class, Lima, Peru, January 2014

Hopefully my blogging skills are better too, this year, and I’ll be able to provide more regular updates. In the meantime I’ve been going back over some pictures from last year. The featured photo above is of the students from Huancavelica performing in their traditional costumes, and here are some of the amazing teachers that I had the pleasure of working with. I’ve kept in touch with many of them through social media, and some have already told me they are planning to return to the Festival to take another Teacher Training course.


I’ll be spending my unscheduled time over the holiday season preparing  course materials – imagine me sitting by the fireside with a mug of something hot, my feet up and  my computer on my lap, busy creating lesson plans.